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Washing and Waterproofing

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Quality materials

Price List

Please Note: New Blanket Washing Prices of $25.00 Per Blanket Will Go Into Effect Starting  August 1, 2023 ($3.00 discounts available-see below for details*)



Blankets are washed in our industrial sized washing machines using quality cleaning agents designed specifically for use on horse blankets. 

Each blanket goes through a prewash, 2 wash cycles and 2 rinse cycles to ensure that your blanket is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. 

Our wash price is currently $22.00 per blanket.  

Please note, a $5.00 upcharge is added to any blanket size 84" and larger. A $5.00 upcharge is also applied to any blanket heavier than 100g with a hood/extended neck piece.

Blankets that are 84" or larger and also include a hood/extended neck piece will incur a $10.00 total upcharge. 

* Properly tagging each blanket can save you $3.00 each!

Help us save you money!  To ensure proper tracking of each blanket through the cleaning process, we have a triple redundant tagging system that starts with the individual blanket tags. These are available through the website or in our store.  The tags provide us with a name, description, and services needed.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.  Filling out the tags ensures that we know exactly what you expect.  Simply place a check next to any additional services requested such as waterproofing, repairs, leg straps, etc.   Proper paperwork saves us time and provides a level of security for you.  When blankets arrive without tags, we must still fill them out, but often need to verify information which slows our process and causes  delays.  To avoid these delays and increased labor time (costs), we simply ask that you submit the blankets tagged and complete a summary sheet to receive the $3.00 per blanket discount. 



Our waterproofing services include an extended total submersion of your blanket in Nikwax Rug Proof waterproofer. 

Nikwax is a well known and trusted brand with products specifically designed for use on horse blankets. This waterproofing product provides protection against prolonged water exposure while being safe to use on blankets for even the mouthiest of horses. This water proofer is also designed to be gentle on skin and should not cause irritation. 

It is recommended that all outdoor use blankets be waterproofed every 2-3 years.  Extended time in the sun along with the acidic properties of urine/fecal matter degrade the original coating and water resistant properties.  Although we use the highest quality water proofing products, if your blanket is extremely old, worn out or the material has micro-tears it may not be 100% waterproof.

Our waterproofing price is $20.00 per blanket. 

Please note, all blankets undergoing our waterproofing service will first be washed at our facility at the time of submission.  


Prices Vary

Blanket repairs are priced individually based on size and extent of damage.  Most repairs range from $10.00 to $25.00. 

Repairs on any blanket with the following will incur a $25.00 minimum charge: 

  • Attached neck/hood (combo-neck)

  • Blankets heavier than 100g that are also 80" or larger

We do not offer al a carte repair services, all blankets provided for repair will first be washed at our facility at the time of submission, no exceptions. 

Misc. Items

Pricing Varies

We are also happy to wash your English and western saddle pads, slinkies, fly sheets and coolers.  In addition, we have washed halters, fly masks and can often replace the velcro on bell boots (after washing).  If you have an item that needs special care, please be sure to identify that care on our tags.  If you have any concerns, feel free to call us first to discuss your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to preview our services and pricing.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

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We Need To Hear From You!

Invoicing & Payment Options

No payment up front is required.  Invoices will be sent upon completion of your order.  We currently accept: cash, check, Venmo and PayPal (listed under Good As New Blankets).  We are able to accept credit card payments via emailed invoices upon request. 

NOTE: All invoices are due upon receipt.  Arrangements can be made for payment upon pick up if completed within 30 days of notification.  Any blankets not picked up within 30 days will incur a $0.50 per day storage fee.  We understand that things happen and summer is a time for travel.  If you are unable to schedule a pick up time within the 30 days, please reach out to us to discuss options.

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