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Before and After

We pride ourselves on using the best cleaning and repair supplies.  If the blanket is not too worn or stained, our cleaning process makes it look good as new.   If your blanket is older, stained, or torn, you can rest assured that they are cleaned, deodorized and ready to wear when they are returned.   Occasionally we run across a customer's blanket that is just too worn to retain waterproofing or the lining is too fragile to repair.  When that happens, we will reach out to see if you want your blankets back as a spare or if you would like to donate your hardware for future use.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or special requests.

Turtleneck dirty Blanket.jpg


Washing example

This is an example of a typical dirty blanket.  It demonstrates why it is so important to wash your blanket every year.  The cleaning process eliminates all of the contaminants such as urine, feces and mud.  Left untreated, these things will ruin the fabric and shorten a blanket's lifespan


Cleaned and ready for fall

Feel secure in putting on a blanket that is clean and waterproofed.  Your horse will be ready to withstand the harsh winter conditions.

Clean Turtleneck blanket.jpg
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